Girls In Blue ❤ (Surfer Girls – Reggae Chillstep Song / Beat 2016) Prod. By Lil Sokz


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“Girls In Blue” was produced, arranged and written by Lil Sokz.
It is a fusion of chillstep, reggae & hip-hop. It has a summer reggae beat with a mellow tune and a catchy melody. Lil Sokz aimed on creating a reggae beat to express his emotion from a different angle. All of of the beautiful surfer girls seen in this video were derived from Tumblr.

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Credits: Mamoi, ROXY, IS., Surphile, Surferdude182, Wilted-Scenes, PussinBoot5, Surf4Living, NAB, OBRO, HellYeahRollerCoasters, Gifpal, GoneVibes & FancyDesires…


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